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Windows is a Joke

Title says it all really, but lets go in depth for a bit

Windows is just worse, and its not just the spyware and the bloat and the garbage
On a conceptual level windows just sucks as an OS, GNU/Linux and even MacOS just overpower it due to unix like operating systems
Windows is the only modern computer operating system that is not unix like, and it shows, you cant name your folders with : or it breaks everything

Windows also just has issues that dont make sense, like random BSODs with no explanation, one time I left my Windows install run overnight, it had BSOD and restart by morning, I still dont know why

The way windows handles hard drives is also just annoying, they introduced ReFS, known as microsoft storage spaces to many, and blocked out dynamic disk RAID5 volumes from being made in non server releases of windows
I literally see no reason to block RAID5 dyn disks from pro windows copies, but whatever it probably makes them money
whats bullshit is the ReFS implementation (oh yeah ReFS is basically a new dynamic disk type thing) of RAID5 is gimped because they didint code it correctly, its just unbearably slow and makes it unusable
And whats dumber is ReFS basically is like LVM where it pools drives to one storage device, but this storage device is read in windows disk manager as a single raw HDD partition
This means that you cant actually manage your hard disks from disk manager, what?
You can manage your fake HDD objects in disk manager, but you cant manage the actual disks, this is just garbage

Windows is also based on the NT kernel, which speaks for itself, its full of bloody holes, and with the XP source code leak its now trivial to find more holes
For how much microsoft says they like open source, they are really reluctant to actually open source and fix their dying kernel with so many holes its like swiss cheese
No, swiss cheese wont break on me randomly when I leave it alone overnight, cheese wont just introduce a worse LVM and gimp my disk write speeds for no reason, cheese is a better OS than windows.

-- Ultrabear