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Free as in Free Beer

I think people are just losing common sense nowadays

I was talking to a person and they wanted to inform me that Elite Dangerous was now free
"Free where" I asked
"Epic Games"

Oh boy, the spyware galore platform, I hate those guys
Elite Dangerous is one of my favorite games, so it was insulting to have it on that platform
But what was more insulting was them claiming it as free

Epic Games doesnt release games for free, maybe you can call it free* but thats also unfair
Epic is a company and they need to make profits, the game devs are supposed to be paid on a per copy basis with big % cuts, thats even why some devs have sunk to the level of using that platform

So what happens when they release a game for free?
Well I have the only two possibilites for the poor game devs, either Epic uses the spyware on their users to pay it, or Epic Games is now a proxy for piracy
I dont hate on piracy, its just a thing that happens, I do it too, but Epic Games is a company that only has the fact it treats its devs well as something to stand on, so id think that the games are paid for with option A, your data
Epic Games is managing to make enough money off of spyware to give so many games away for free like that, its actually insane, ive talked about the value of personal data before, but this is beyond what i expected
Some people claim to have gotten over $200 in free games, so one persons data is worth over $200 to these companies

But thats besides the point, the point of this blog entry is how people just use the word free with no care in the world at all
Free as in free beer isint something you can just claim any thing to be, Epic Games is not releasing games for free, they are just setting the money you pay at checkout to zero to influence more people to move to the platform so that they can get more spyware shoved down your throats
This is terrifying, People just tainting the word free to mean something its not

Another person in the same convo said to me "but thats what all free is nowadays"
I dont have words, the world has gone so far backwards and lost so much common sense that free doesnt mean free anymore
Its terrifying, this is the world we live in now, people saying there is no more freedom, and worse than that, not caring enough about that fact

Free means freedom, free means free beer, free doesnt mean that the amount of money you hand someone for something is equal to 0

-- Ultrabear, At the end we all do what we must.