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One of the things people tend to say to devalue linux is the phrase "Free as in Free Time" as a counter to the "Free as in Free Speech/Free as in Free Beer" mantra
Free as in Free Speech of course meaning the freedom to do what you want to do
And Free as in Free Beer meaning free in the sense of not paying anything to use a tool
This is the basis of GNUs "Free", two definitions of one word

Free as in Free Time seems to be a third defninition that people who either know little about linux or want to devalue linux for any reason say
Free as in Free Time being how much time they believe that linux takes to manage
Another popular one is "Linux is free if you dont value your time"
However this one is arguably weak compared to how "Free as in Free Time" plays off of the free mantra used by the linux community

There seems to be a misconception that GNU/Linux is this elite OS that only true Chads with their 50MiB RAM using gentoo installs can understand
I think anyone saw where this was gonna go, GNU/Linux is only as hard as you make it out to be
And not some funny joke your boss tells you about the deadline for your next big project
GNU/Linux has distros, which means you can literally choose how much time you want to spend on linux

Those who dismiss linux as a waste of time are only really looking at Debian, Arch, and Gentoo, which most linux users agree is just insanity anyways
For those who want an easy to use linux that you wont spend time on, I reccomend Linux Mint and Elementary_OS
Ubuntu is also in the category of easy to use, but with how bloated it is and the spyware concerns I cannot reccomend you use it
Personally I use Manjaro, which is basically Arch on easy mode, some may consider that a bad thing but I dont, im not spending the free time that linux apparently gives

The argument that linux takes up alot of time to run is true in some cases
However for the majority of linux distros, you spend much less time making it work than you would do with windows
And most of the distros that take time are something that you wouldent go near anyways, they take a long time to just make them work

Try out linux on an old laptop that can barely run the latest version of NSA/Windows, you will be surprised how fast it runs

-- Ultrabear