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Adieu, to this Mess of a Year

What a pain

This year
This decade
This century

If I was given the option to delete this year and start over
I wouldent.

2020 happened.
The 2010s happened.
The 2020s are happening.
The 21st century is happening.

Time moves forward, and if we dont like what the future brings, then thats tough luck
Humans live to live, we live to see the future

One day we will look back at 2020, and it will either be the worst year we had
Or it will be nothing, just another timestamp in the flow of the universe
The world doesnt get better or worse by the years
It gets better or worse over the course of many years, many decades, many centuries
Thats how time works, and thats why we dont send off 2020 with hate, its just another year, one of many that will either be good or bad

Adieu to this depressing year
To this year of mishaps
And sadness all around

Next year may be better, but thats not how years work, so many good things can happen one month, and the next month its all worse, but its seperated by a year
So many good things can happen at the end of one week, and the start of the next week its worse, but its seperated by a month
Why seperate the flow of time into years, into months, weeks, days

It all is the past
It all is the present
It all is the future

We live in the present, we look back to the past, and we hope for a better future, that is what reality is
There are no years, there are no decades, its all the flow of time, and it will get better or worse depending not on the past or future, but on the present
We control the present

Humans live to live, we live to see the future, that is shaped by the present, and tied to the past

-- Ultrabear, stuck in the flow of time