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New Year, New Hope?

New year, looking to be better than the last, but lets not jynx things.

At the start of last year we had hoped for it to be a great year, but that didint happen
This year we are hopeful yet again, is it going to be the same?

It may, it may not, time is a flow, there is no truly bad year, or a truly good year

But this year will be something for sure
It will be a year
And events will happen
Some as small as a grain of sand moving
To as large as wars breaking out

We will remember this year for the events that took place in it, not the number on the calendar

But that is true for every year
We will always have small events, have big events, that is what a year is made up of

Happy New Year, but will it matter?

I think what matters is what happens next.

-- Ultrabear