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The new go-to

When asked what languages students should start with, in the past I had nothing
I could tell them to just use python, my main language, and normally I did
The issue is starting with python teaches just about nothing about writing good code

Recently I have started writing in golang, a language developed by google that specializes in multithreaded work and fast execution

I like golang quite a bit more than python, and not for python being bad
Golang is simply a new python, that is faster, and easier to write code in
Golang takes what made python good and applies it to a lower level language
Things like not defining types and duck typing, things that people loved about python, and what made it so easy to write in

I do not believe that golang will take over python entirely
Golang will make its place in programs and jobs that can afford to be more static
Python will still live on for quick scripting and places that are not static at all in what they want to do

But now when someone asks me what language a coder should start in, I hesitate to say golang
Go is simply a good language, its so good in fact that it spoils coders as they type it
I fear that giving a person golang out of the gate will make them depressed when they have to code in something else
But then I realize, until there comes a language that is actually better, these coders wont have to code in anything else
Go simply does everything, and it does it extremely well

I tell new coders to start with go now, its the choice to make better and faster code

I will keep coding python when its most useful, like for scripts or oneoffs
But until further notice
Go is the new go-to

-- Ultrabear