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Sardines are packed into cans as tightly as possible, this is to ensure no space is wasted
No space is wasted storing sardines in their cans

Cans are expensive, and space is expensive
The reason we are fine with packing sardines into cans is because sardines are not alive, they need no oxygen or space to move
Sardines are dead, and we treat them as such

Because sardines are dead, and it saves money

Airplanes are expensive, and space on airplanes is expensive
So why not treat humans as sardines

Pack them all in, packed like sardines
A human can of sardines

Humans are not dead, but we will treat them as such, because space is expensive, and containers of space are even more expensive

We are not fine with canning sardines because they are dead, we are fine with canning sardines because it is cheaper, it is logical.

Humans are sardines, it does not matter if we are dead
If its cheaper, if it saves someone money, it is worth it to liken a plane to sardines

Sardines are not a symbol of packing things into small places
They are a symbol of absolute efficiency, ignoring morality to save money at any cost.

Embrace the airplane, it doesnt bite, but it is as harshly logical as a can of sardines

-- Ultrabear