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Welcome to reality, you are a human

Every human is the same in most ways,
But has subtle differences that change how they see everything

The world as you know it, existance itself, is not common knowledge
It is your own knowledge, your own view of existance

You may not understand the person next to you, it is impossible
But you may try, and you may get some of the way there if you try hard enough

But you will never win.
It is impossible to truly understand how another person thinks,
You are biased by your own way of thinking

You are a human, you are the same as everyone else
But you are different by thousandths of a percent,
And that much is enough to make it impossible to understand the person next to you

You can predict what they will do, you can predict how they will act, but you will never predict why
Because you are a human

The only thing that keeps reality together is that other people cant predict you either
A nuclear peacekeeper, mutually assured destruction

-- Ultrabear